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Foundation repair is an essential service for homeowners in West Bloomfield, MI, as the region’s extreme weather conditions can cause significant damage to homes’ foundations.

These damages include cracks in the foundation walls or floors, bowing or leaning walls, and sinking or settling foundations. These problems can compromise the house’s structural integrity, leading to more severe issues down the line.

Therefore, it’s crucial to address any foundation issues as soon as possible to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs in the future. Foundation repair in West Bloomfield, MI, typically involve identifying the cause of the damage and implementing the best solution to restore the foundation’s strength and stability.

Fortunately at Bluebird, we are specially trained to detect these foundational issues and fix them with great care. Here is what you should know about our approach to foundation repair:

cracks on wall

Damaged Foundation Signs

Your home’s foundation is every you look. From the walls to the floors, that foundation is holding your home together and keeping it from collapsing in on itself.

While some foundational issues can be hard to spot, here are some that you may notice early:

  • Cracks in Floor – Cracks in your floor are not just unsightly; they may also hint at something going on in your home’s foundation. Cracks usually result when the foundation settles.
  • Cracks in Drywall – Drywall cracks are perhaps the most likely to go unnoticed, but they are no less serious than any others. These usually result when the walls move with shifting foundations.
  • Cracks in Brickwork – Bricks may seem strong, but they are just as susceptible to foundational cracks as any other materials. If you notice cracks in your bricks, you will want to investigate any structural issues.
  • Cracks in Corners – Have you been noticing large gaps in your siding or small cracks in corners? If so, shifting foundation may be to blame.
  • Leaning Chimney – Your chimney should be standing proud and tall. If it is not, then you will want to look into that to ensure that the foundation is solid.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

For various reasons, foundation repair is crucial for homeowners in Bloomfield Hills, MI. One reason is the natural settling and shifting of the soil, causing the foundation to crack or shift, leading to structural damage.

Additionally, changes in weather patterns, such as heavy rainfall or drought, can lead to soil expansion and contraction, resulting in foundation problems. Moreover, inadequate drainage, poor soil quality, and improper construction can all contribute to foundation damage. To ensure the safety and longevity of a home’s foundation, it’s crucial to seek professional foundation repair services at the first sign of damage.

Bottom line: the goal of foundation repair is to ensure that your home’s structure remains durable for many years to come. This is very important whether you plan on living there for a while or selling the house once you are ready to move on.

Leading Foundation Repair Services in West Bloomfield, MI

Foundational issues can be worrisome; fortunately, at Bluebird, we can help you address these problems quickly and affordably.

We approach all West Bloomfield homes with the same level of attention and care. We value masterful workmanship and customer service and will go above and beyond to deliver just that.

No two foundation issues are the same, which is why we use several different methods to address foundation problems. If your home is more delicate, we have helical piles and piers. If your home is the heavier type, we can always trust deep-driven steel piering systems.

Damaged beams and walls call for carbon fiber, while slab brackets can support any wayward slabs.

Contact Bluebird for Foundation Damage Repair

It is never too early to invest in sound foundation repair options. Give us a call today! Outside of foundation repair in West Bloomfield, MI, we also offer basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foundation repair can include wall stabilization with wall braces and carbon fiber straps, installing a wall patch for a wall crack with water intrusion, and stabilizing a settling foundation with helical piers. Sometimes the process is also called house leveling or foundation leveling.

Our approach depends on the type of crack and the condition of the wall. For vertical cracks with water intrusion, we implement a wall patch. This involves a PVC sheet riveted to the wall.

Settling foundation costs start from $5,000 and can go up to $50,000 or more as it depends on the type of foundation problem and the size of the home.

Each crack is unique. Our team does our best to identify the type of crack and the durability of the wall. More often than not, we do a wall patch. These patches are a piece of PVC sheet riveted to the wall for vertical cracks with water intrusion.

We can stabilize a settling foundation using helical piers. We always attempt to lift the home back to its original position, but this cannot be guaranteed in every situation due to the condition of the footer or repairs that may have been made to the home. Please note that we cannot lift a home so that additional blocks can be added to make the basement or crawlspace taller.

It depends on the reason for the crack. Some cracks can be left alone (shrink crack with no water intrusion). A crack can be a symptom of many things such as shrinkage for a poured basement wall, a bowing wall, or a settling foundation. We need to evaluate other things to determine the type of crack and the correct solution.

Some of the signs of foundation problems include:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Home being pulled away from a
  • Deck or new addition

Tree roots aren’t always the cause of foundation, but it is a possibility. Tree roots can grow below the foundation and can cause uneven floors throughout your property.

You may feel a slight slope when walking, if you drop something it may roll to a certain area. Your cake may bake unevenly if the floor below the oven is sloping (this has happened to me).

Flooding can wash out the soil below your footer or cause water intrusion into your basement or crawlspace. Both of these incidents damage the foundation of your home.

Issues with your foundation can come in the form of water intrusions or cracks in the walls or floors.

One of the biggest issues we see with a post and beam foundation is sagging floors and walls. This is especially true if there is a load-bearing wall.

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