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Crawlspaces are often overlooked when it comes to home repair because homeowners rarely take the time to check their crawlspace or go in there themselves. Sometimes the first one to notice crawlspace water issues is a technician who’s been sent out to deal with another issue entirely. Since crawlspaces can easily be “out of sight, out of mind” for homeowners, some might be tempted to ignore the issue, but this only exacerbates the severity of the damage that water can cause in the crawlspace and, over time, can lead to overall structural damage.

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Foundation repair signs to watch For

Small cracks in crawlspace walls mean that something is wrong with the foundation, whether it be settling, tree roots, or water issues. Left untreated, these cracks only become larger and lead to bigger headaches such as water under the home and the home being invaded by pests such as mice and rats.

Taking care of the issue immediately is the best way to save money overall since water issues can lead to mold growth and health issues with your family, as well as the obvious health issues of having pests under the home.

Waterproof your crawlspace to prevent damage

Building experts recommend that crawlspaces be sealed or encapsulated to proactively prevent these issues, but some homeowners may find it difficult to tell if their crawlspace needs waterproofing. One obvious sign is standing water on the crawlspace floor, but wet soil on a dirt floor in a crawlspace is yet another sign that a waterproofing system needs to be installed.

Our waterproofing systems consist of:

  • Interior drain tiles – We install drain tiles on the edge of the crawlspace or down the middle, depending on where it’s most needed.
  • Perimeter drains – These drains are designed to capture crawlspace wall and floor seepage,
  • Drainage matting – The drainage matting is a dimpled plastic sheet material that covers the entire crawlspace floor and any beams or foundational joists that come in contact with the floor.
  • Sump pumps – We offer sump pump systems with battery backups that keep working even when the power goes out, to ensure that your crawlspace stays dry.
  • Dehumidifiers – We know that home repairs can be expensive and that most homeowners like saving money, so we encourage you to purchase your own dehumidifiers to dry out damp crawlspaces and maintain a pre-set humidity level, creating conditions that mold and mildew are unable to thrive in. (We offer specialized humidifiers that fit in very tight crawlspaces as well, so no matter the need, we can make it work for you!)

Bluebird Crawlspace Waterproofing

Bluebird concrete lifting and waterproofing provide affordable waterproofing in Eastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio. We’ve helped countless homeowners save thousands of dollars by repairing critical issues before they cause more damage. Our quality waterproofing services will last for years to come. Contact us today for a free quote! Outside of crawlspace waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and basement waterproofing throughout Warren.

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