Best ways to fix foundation problems

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Best ways to fix foundation problems

The ultimate goal for any foundation repair job is to restore structural integrity to your home or building. It doesn’t matter what the foundation type or the damage’s severity. Those are important, for sure. But something has happened to your structural integrity to cause that damage. So, the cause must be addressed first and foremost, or risk repeating the problem repeatedly.

Once the damage is present, there is a problem with your structural integrity that can go from bad to disastrous if it isn’t identified and addressed properly and with professional knowledge and experience.

There are several ways to fix a foundation, but to ensure that it’s structurally sound, you need to use a way that also ensures the best stabilization for your building for the long term.

What is the best way to stabilize a foundation, though? It’s easy to say, “It depends.” At Bluebird CFW, we believe using helical piers is one of the best solutions for fixing residential and commercial foundations and making them structurally stable again.

What are Helical Piers?

In the world of building foundations, piers are vertical columns or posts, usually made of concrete or steel, that is driven into the ground deep enough to adequately hold the weight of the building while also transferring the load to the surrounding soil. Helical piers are similar to traditional steel piers except that their helical shape allows them to function like a screw. And like a screw, they are twisted into the ground instead of driven.

The helical design and the rotational installation allow the pier to dig more efficiently, creating a better “bite” or tighter grip on the soil. This also means helical piers don’t have to go as deeply into the soil as traditional piers do.

Why Use Helical Piers for Foundation Repair?

Helical piers are very popular for new construction projects. More and more, though, helical piers are becoming the go-to option for foundation repair projects.


Well, they’re incredibly strong. Helical piers will probably never hold the weight capacity they’re rated at. Their strength also makes them reliable options for various foundation repair types. They can just as easily be utilized for foundation remediation or underpinning foundations for heavier loads. Additionally, they are great alternatives for deep foundation projects.

Lastly, helical piers don’t take a lot of time to install. It doesn’t take large equipment to twist them into place. This allows our professionals to install them quickly and efficiently. Because the installation is fast and helical piers don’t need to be set very deep into the soil, they provide almost immediate loading support capabilities. This results in reduced downtime, on-site time, and increased cost efficiency.

Other Types of Foundation Repair

Most experts agree that there are few better options for foundation stabilization than helical steel piers, even though other options can be done cheaper and quicker. Other types of foundation stabilization methods include:

  • Steel Piers (non-Helical). Traditional steel piers are also great options but require more soil depth since they are driven.
  • Preset Concrete Press Piles. These can be installed faster than other options and at less cost. However, they are prone to soil shifting over the long term due to not being attached to the home’s existing foundation.
  • Concrete Piers. Unlike preset concrete press piles, these concrete piers are poured into pre-drilled holes under the existing foundation. This method is the messiest and takes the longest from start to finish because of an average three-week pouring/settling/hardening time for the concrete.
  • Mudjacking. It involves drilling holes into existing concrete slabs and injecting a new concrete mixture to re-level the foundation. Ideal for things like porches and patios.

Even though there are other options, none will provide the added strength combined with the simplified, quick installation method that Bluebird CFW provides with its helical piers.

Stabilize Your Foundation Right The First Time

As with most home repairs, an investment is involved when fixing and stabilizing your foundation. While these repairs will save you thousands in the future, they still have a cost. Going with the experts at Bluebird CFW for your foundation fix is the best choice to get the work down right the first time at the most consumer-friendly price without cutting corners or causing rework.

Bluebird CFW has over 20 years of experience and tons of engineering knowledge backing our solutions, which ensures you get the best repair possible the first time!

Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate for your foundation repair project.

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