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No one can blame you if you’ve been neglecting your basement. It’s tucked away under the house, dark and cold, and rarely visited––out of sight, out of mind. However, taking care of your basement is, literally, foundational to maintaining your home. No matter your situation, professional basement waterproofing is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner. Whether you’re undertaking a full-scale renovation, in need of preventive maintenance, or already have an emergency on your hands, you can count on our trusted experts at Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing to get your basement back in shape.

With over 20 years of experience waterproofing residential and commercial basements and crawlspaces, our experts have got you covered. Rest assured that when we’re finished you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits a dry basement has to offer.

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Prevent Mold and Save Your Health

A damp, leaky basement is a perfect breeding ground for harmful mold and mildew. Even if it’s rarely used, a mold-infested basement can still affect the air quality in your entire home. If you want to keep the air you breathe clean and healthy, it’s important to keep your basement dry and mold-free.

Don’t Let Damp and Rot Into Your Home

Mold isn’t just bad for you; it’s bad for your possessions as well! If your basement is damp and moldy, anything you store down there will eventually be ruined. If you plan to actively use your basement, it’s even more important to keep it dry to protect furniture, appliances, etc. Even if your basement is sitting empty, water in the basement can turn to wood rot, compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Take Advantage of the Extra Space

A finished basement can be a valuable addition to your home, but before any renovation can be done the first step is to waterproof the foundation. Once the basement has been finished, flooding becomes much more expensive and time consuming to repair. If you’re planning to take advantage of that extra space, do it right and have your basement waterproofed first. Then, you can put more time and money into planning the leisure space you and your family have always dreamed of!

Avoid an Expensive Headache

A flooded basement is costly to repair, not to mention a lot of unexpected work. Let our experts at Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing take care of it for you. Get your basement waterproofed before you find yourself in an expensive situation. Even if you have insurance, a basement flood will raise your rates, so ensuring your basement is water-tight now will save you money down the road.

Call Bluebird For Stevensville Basement Waterproofing

If your basement is leaky or flooded, call us at Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing and we’ll give you your dry basement back. If your basement isn’t wet yet, but it hasn’t been waterproofed, why wait for an emergency? Take control of the situation now and call Bluebird. Let us give you peace of mind and a basement you can take pride in. Outside of basement waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and crawlspace waterproofing throughout Stevensville.

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