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Water can cause serious problems to homes with basements here in Ohio and Michigan. With the clay-filled shifting soils, we have in this region water problems are pretty common but they can still be corrected using proper methods. Let our team of professionals at Bluebird CFW in Michigan evaluate your water problems and give you the best solution to get them fixed.

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Stop the Flooding Now

There is nothing worse than heading down to the basement and finding water everywhere. Even with a properly running sump pump its still possible to end up with water problems that make an otherwise usable space unusable. Who wants to walk around in a wet basement?

This is where our professional waterproofers come in! Our team of experts will help you identify the causes of your water problems and give you a quote on the proper ways to fix your problems.



Keep Your Family Safe

Everyone knows that mold can create serious safety risks when exposed to it for prolonged periods of time but did you know that it’s actually pretty common to have mold growth on a wet foundation wall? Many people do not realize the risks of having water problems until family members start getting sick only to find that they’ve been breathing mold spores for a long time and its causing health problems. Our professional team of waterproofing experts can resolve this fast!

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Save Your Home

Water problems can cause serious damage to a building when not resolved fairly quickly. Since the foundation’s walls are the core of a building, problems will cause damage to drywall, a building infrastructure, and more. Water problems can cause damage to your possessions, appliances, and can even lead to rotting and deteriorating wood. Resolving issues that cause structural damage with proper techniques waterproofing is crucial to the life of your property!

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