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Your foundation is the most important aspect when it comes to your residential home. Without a solid foundation, your home will begin falling apart. Whether it is a foundation repair issue that stems from drywall cracks, broken plumbing, the collapse of walls, or even fires in extreme cases when electrical is involved, a prompt foundation repair solution is necessary. It’s because of how important maintaining a foundation to your home is that requires such quick action in case of any foundation damage.

Let our team of residential foundation repair experts at Bluebird CFW guide you through the best course of action for your damaged foundation in your homes in Michigan. You get a free personalized quote to resolve your residential foundation issues and damage.

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Why We Provide The Best Residential Foundation Repair In Michigan

Why do our Residential Foundation Repairs work? Simple. As a RamJack-certified installer, our products have been engineered, tested, and installed in both residential and commercial foundation damage situations all over the world. What this means is that our products and foundation repair solutions have been tested in some of the harshest conditions around in residential homes with signs of foundation damage. They have been proven effective at not only repairing foundation problems fast, but they are also very affordable!

Our Residential Foundation Repair Solutions In Michigan

We offer a number of different residential foundation repair options to solve nearly any foundation issue in your home without having to completely tear out the soil around your home. Often, we can move soil in a much smaller area than traditional foundation repair methods, resulting in less damage to your landscaping and a much faster back to normal.

  • Helical Piering System – Our Helical piers are a great option for lightweight structures and can be used on many different types of soils depending on many different factors.
  • Deep-Driven Steel Piering Systems – This system uses heavy-duty steel piles or piers to support your foundation from bedrock and works great for heavier structures.
  • Wall Tiebacks – If your basement walls are leaning in, caving in, or just appear to be having some sort of issue, our wall tiebacks help further support the wall pulling it back into its proper position and preventing future damage.
  • Carbon Fiber – Some RamJack installers user carbon fiber to help further support damaged walls, beams, or other supports which may be an option for you as well.
  • Slab Brackets – These are used to help support failing slabs of concrete oftentimes in basements but could be used for slab floors as well.
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