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Crawlspaces are very easy to overlook; however, water does not have a problem overlooking them whatsoever. In fact, crawlspaces are arguably more prone to water damage than any other area of your home.

Fortunately, you can stop water from causing damage to your crawlspace and other parts of your Pinckney home. Here is what you should know about water damage and crawlspace waterproofing in Pinckey, MI.

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Why Crawlspace Waterproofing is Crucial

A crawlspace is a small space built into the structure of a home that usually rests between the ground and the ground floor. They’re typically very small: most people can only crawl through them, which is where the name “crawlspace” comes from.

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to this area because they’re tough to reach and therefore are hard to maintain. But ensuring these spaces are kept is key to your home’s health and your safety. Let’s look at a few of the issues that come with a flooded crawlspace.

  • Foundation Rot – Damp wood can generate plenty of fungi, bacteria, and other unwanted organisms that destroy your home’s foundation. These seriously impact your home’s foundation, as your walls and floors might become warped and your structural integrity will worsen.
  • Mold Danger – A small, dark, enclosed, and wet area is where mold tends to grow and it’ll certainly grow in your crawlspace. If your crawlspace floods, you’re going to deal with plenty of mold. This is bad for both your home’s structure and it’ll jeopardize your family’s health.
  • Insects, Rats, and Mice – Bugs, rats, and other critters often find ways into your home through the crawlspace. They’re attracted to the cool and damp of a crawlspace if it’s recently been flooded, so keeping crawlspaces watertight is a great way to shut them out.

Bluebird offers affordable crawlspace waterproofing in Pinckney, MI. However, it is important to note that the cost for crawlspace waterproofing varies depending on the size and need.

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Pinckney, MI

If you’re looking to safeguard your home from those threats, Bluebird has Pinckney residents covered.

Our waterproofing team is all in-house staff, meaning we never sub-contract. This ensures that our quality of work is consistent and we hold ourselves accountable, as opposed to sub crews that have inconsistent quality of work.

Waterproofing your crawlspace demands a few specific things, which we can provide. These things are:

1. Crawlspace Insulation

Insulation keeps your crawlspace’s temperature properly maintained. This leads to fewer cases of unnecessary freezing and condensation.

At Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, our premium materials provide an effective barrier between your crawlspace and the outdoors.

2. Crawlspace Encapsulation

When your crawlspace is encapsulated, you’ll be better protected from even heavier rainstorms. No moisture will be able to get through, so flood water and mold won’t intrude in places you don’t want them.

While the costs of crawlspace waterproofing can vary from home to home, we never cut any corners. The size and scope of your crawlspace’s issues affect your end costs, but our waterproofing team is as reliable as they come.

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Don’t neglect your crawlspace any longer. Pinckney residents can call Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing to find a waterpooring solution that’s right for their budgets and their homes today. Outside of crawlspace waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair, basement waterproofing and seawall repair services throughout Pinckney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crawlspace encapsulation is the process of placing a vapor barrier on the floor and walls of the crawlspace. This prevents moisture and improves the air throughout the space. We will also wrap any support pillars.

Crawlspace encapsulation costs start from $4000 to $5000 and can go up depending on factors such as square footage, size of the wall, and the total number of pillars.

Benefits of crawl encapsulation include:

  • Improves air quality and increases healthy living conditions
  • Helps decrease smells from moisture such as the “old cabin smell” musty or mildew.
  • Gives you an easy surface to work on/easier to move around when doing any work in the crawlspace.
  • Prevents structural damage
  • Makes the crawlspace a suitable storage area if it is tall enough to accommodate storage.

If you encapsulate a crawlspace that has water issues, you will end up with a “water bed.” This is why we will not encapsulate a crawlspace with known water issues without waterproofing it first.

You can see and smell it. You may have issues with breathing/sickness if the problem is severe enough or you are more susceptible to sickness (young children/babies, elderly, those with allergies/asthma).

Mold can easily grow in crawlspaces due to excessive moisture, standing water, or damp soil. Since crawlspaces are right up against the ground, moisture is always present and ready to invade the area. This is an invitation for mold growth.

It’s your property and you do not have to seal your crawlspace. Sealing the crawlspace will help with any musty/mildew smells from moisture or damp soil. In addition, it will give you a storage area and make it easier to move around when doing any work in the crawlspace.

Anytime you want to make it easier to work in the crawlspace or if you want to seal off any bad smells.

A sealed crawlspace and an encapsulated crawlspace can be considered the same thing. Insulation will make it more sealed as cold air will not come into the crawlspace from the rim joist/bond board.

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