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Seawall Repair Services in Petoskey, MI

Sitting on the edge of Little Traverse Bay, Petoskey is one of the most photogenic, relaxing, and fun cities to live in Michigan. With a population of just over 5,700 residents, this is a small town that values family, close-knit businesses, and relaxation. For the many resorts, commercial properties, and homes that lie on the edge of the water, nothing is more important than having a functioning seawall to protect the property. At Bluebird CFW, we make it our mission to help residents of Petoskey, MI keep their property safe through seawall inspection and repair services!

Why Do I Need a Seawall in Petoskey, MI?

For those that have spent their entire lives on waterfront property, you know just how easy it can be to dismiss the destructive force of water, even the calm waters of Little Traverse Bay. However, water is far from gentle, posing a threat to your property through erosion, flooding, and damage to the surrounding area. Seawalls are designed to help protect your home and property from the water, but only if they are working properly.

We’ll make sure that the seawall surrounding your home continues to do its job in protecting you, keeping your home and property safe from erosion due to the water, and continues to provide a barrier to help keep your property from flooding as well with the help of Seawall repair in Petoskey, MI.

Sings You Need Seawall Repair in Petoskey, MI

Although seawalls are designed to last for quite some time, this doesn’t mean they are completely free of potential damage. Your seawall might be in need of repairs due to issues from wear and tear, structural issues when they were first installed, and other potential damage from flooding.

Some signs to look for that indicate your seawall might be in need of repairs in Petoskey, MI include:

  • Cracks at the top cap of your seawall, which are responsible for holding the entire structure together
  • Cracks on the wall panels of your seawall
  • Voids, which lead to pockets of air and sinkholes near your seawall
  • Corrosion of material in your seawall
  • Flooding on the other side of your seawall
  • If your seawall leans or bows too much on one side or the other

Bluebird CFW will make sure that your seawall is ready to protect your home by repairing your seawall through services such as:

Filling in voids with tough sealants: Bluebird CFW uses only high-quality materials such as polyurethane sealant or resin to fill cracks in your seawall. Doing so allows us to ensure all cracks are properly reinforced, and your seawall does not face any other future structural issues.

Pressure release technology: We will also use pressure release technology to alleviate pressure building up in the back of the seawall, which can lead to even more cracks and eventual permanent damage to your seawall. To do so, we will reinforce the earth behind the seawall, and install new dewatering channels that offer a permanent solution to water pressure build-up.

Why Seek Professional Help for your Petoskey, MI Property?

seawall repair

Bluebird CFW has been working for over 20 years repairing seawalls and providing other foundational repair services in Michigan. Unfortunately, not all companies offer the same level of care and commitment to repairs that Bluebird CFW does. Bluebird CFW is here to help residents get the help they need to repair their seawall through high-quality sealants instead of inferior cement or seashell sealants used by our competitors.

Seawall Inspection

In addition to getting repairs done on your seawall as soon as possible, it’s also critical to continue to maintain your seawall through inspection and maintenance services in Petoskey, MI. Although it’s recommended to inspect your seawall once every 5 years, you can also call us to conduct an inspection on your seawall if you suspect damage, or after an inclement weather event. This will help give you peace of mind, as our technicians are trained in recognizing the need for repairs and offering you the most affordable (and fair) price for your seawall repairs. We are also accredited by the Better Business Bureau, showing our commitment to excellent service and reliable pricing for our customers.

Seawall Stabilization

During the process of stabilizing your seawall, we can use steel tie-back systems to reinforce the most vulnerable parts of your seawall, fill in voids, and repair your seawall to make sure it is structurally sound and continues to protect your home. This stabilization process allows us to fix any bowing or leaning walls, as well as reinforce your seawall and the Earth behind it for an overall stable barrier.

Schedule a Seawall Repair Consultation In Petoskey, MI

At Bluebird CFW, we won’t stop until we know your home or business property is fully protected against the water! Call us today to schedule your seawall repair in Petoskey, MI.

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