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It’s not surprising that a lot of people are looking to expand their living space in their homes by remodeling their basements or finally converting them into the space they’ve wanted for a long time.

Whether it’s for use as a home office for a business, an extra bedroom, a kid’s playroom, or even a man cave, getting a basement finished comes with building requirements you can’t avoid. The most important of these requirements is the need for an egress window.

So, if you’re a homeowner in Howell, Michigan, who’s considering converting your basement from storage space or unused space into a true living space, then Bluebird CFW Foundation Repair and Waterproofing egress window experts are the professionals you need to help you make your dream basement become a reality.

Basements and Egress Windows

Before getting into what Bluebird CFW can do for you when it comes to your egress windows needs, let’s take a quick look at why egress windows are a requirement for finished basements in the first place.

Any space within a home that someone can “sleep” in is required to have an egress window. No, they’re not often called egress windows, but if it’s considered a bedroom, it’s required to have a window that measures, at a minimum, 22 inches wide and 24 inches tall, so that it can be a secondary line of escape in the case of an emergency and the primary exit is blocked or damaged.

The same goes for living rooms or any other space that isn’t a closet or bathroom that someone can readily sleep in.

egress window installation, Michigan

Once a basement is finished to the point that a person can comfortably reside in it for a notable length of time, thus making it a living space, an egress window must be installed.

The only difference between a basement egress window and what you find in a typical bedroom is the basement egress window is mostly below ground level and it’s required to have a well. More on the well in a bit.

Because it is a basement, the installation can be complex. It may involve excavation, structure and foundation work, proper waterproofing, drainage installation, and the use of specific window designs to prevent water intrusion and flooding. For all of this, you can rely on the experts at Bluebird CFW to help you with your egress window needs throughout Howell, Michigan.

The Bluebird CFW Process

You can rest easy knowing that Bluebird CFW Foundation Repair and Waterproofing will:

  • Pull all required permits
  • Order all parts
  • Excavate when necessary
  • Install windows, wells, and associated covers or grates
  • Minimize dust during installation
  • Insulate and seal all seams and trims
  • Backfill land where excavation occurs

Egress Window Installation

First and foremost, you can be assured our team is well-versed in the local building codes in Howell, especially when it comes to egress window installations. All the work will be done to code, and required excavation work will be completed and land backfilled to its original state as much as possible.

You should also be aware that egress windows require a window well to be installed along with them. The well’s depth and external space must be greater than the window’s height and width to provide for proper egress away from the home. If you don’t have an egress window and window well, this is where excavation work will be done as part of a first-time installation.

Remember, though, that our team strives to complete the job with first-time quality while also leaving your home in better condition than before the work started.

Window Well Grates and Covers

egress window

As mentioned and by code, window wells are required to pass a building inspection upon installation of an egress window.

So, even though you can’t avoid a window well, you do have options when it comes to design, especially when it comes to the shape of the well and the appearance of the grates and covers.

Besides, eye-catching, grates and covers will keep the occasional animal out of your well. Lastly, well covers keep yard debris, leaves, and even snow from accumulating in your well. They also help keep water collecting in your well during times of heavy rain.

Concrete Cutting

When it comes to egress window installation, concrete and masonry cutting is sometimes unavoidable. Our team will handle any required cutting with our special tools and equipment.

We’ll also strive to maintain the watertight integrity of your foundation and correct any issues discovered along the way. If you have any concerns, we’ll always provide answers and recommendations to ensure you receive a maximum return on investment.

Egress Window Installation Near You!

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to speak more with our experts about an estimate or for help with any questions! We also provide foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space waterproofing in Howell!

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