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The last thing any property owner wants to do is discover they have a waterproofing problem with their basement after it’s too late. Yes, sometimes things like flood and storm damage are unavoidable. However, many basement moisture problems are preventable with the right maintenance and regular inspections.

However, only some know the negative impact water can have on a basement and why proper waterproofing is critical. Luckily, the pros at Bluebird CFW have over 20 years of experience waterproofing and repairing basement moisture issues in the Gaylord, MI, area. We can quickly tell you why waterproofing is so important, what indications to look for if you suspect a moisture problem, and the things that Bluebird CFW can help you with to ensure water isn’t a major issue in the future.

Here is what you can do to prevent a basement nightmare in the future by identifying the potential water problems in your basement.

1. Water Problems Outside of Your Home

Yes, you’re concerned about water intrusion in your basement, but one of the first things we’ll inspect is the exterior of your property. Specifically, we’ll look at the following:

  • The grading of land

Grading one’s property is one of the easiest problems to identify but often requires much work. Specifically, the grade of your property should be sloping away from the foundation to ensure the water has a natural path to follow. Water will flow inside your basement if the land slopes toward the foundation. Most basement water intrusions occur after a flood.

The easiest way to correct this is to regrade the land. Of course, that’s where a lot of the work comes in, but we’re more than capable of handling it.

  • Rain gutters and drainage around the foundation

Other items we’ll inspect are the rain gutters and downspouts. If they don’t drain away from the foundation properly, water will collect right next to the exterior of your basement walls. Over time, water will find a way in.

  • Condition of the foundation

Improper drainage and water collection are other reasons to inspect the current condition of the foundation. Where water flows, soil can follow through erosion. It can impact the soil around the property and also underneath. In this case, you may notice your foundation sagging or sinking. Cracks and leaks in basement walls can result from an issue like this.

But don’t worry. If this is the case in your home, Bluebird CFW has solutions, including installing helical piers to reinforce and correct the foundation’s stability.

  • Exterior waterproofing

Lastly, we’ll inspect the basement’s exterior walls and determine if updated or new sealant and waterproofing membranes could solve any water problems.

2. The Basement’s Internal Structure

Inside the basement, we’ll check for any cracks or other damage to the walls and floor that may be entry points for water. It is usually possible to repair cracks in concrete without major repairs.

If flooding has been more of a problem than leaks, we’ll examine your property’s location compared to the water table. Installing a sump system will help determine if you need one. Your existing sump pump may need repair if it isn’t installed correctly, including the drainage channels and sump pump.

3. Ventilation for Solving the Basement Issue

Correcting water issues in a basement continues after fixing the drainage or sealing cracks in walls. Our pros will also inspect the quality of the air circulation in your basement to determine if improved ventilation or installing a dehumidifier would help, especially in cases where mold or mildew has been a problem. You should correct a water problem but still deal with a musty or humid basement.

Our Basement Waterproofing Services in Gaylord, MI

Basement waterproofing is a crucial service that helps protect your home or property from water damage, mold, and other issues caused by excess moisture. In Gaylord, MI, we are proud to offer professional and reliable basement waterproofing services. Here are some key details about our services:

  1. Comprehensive Inspection: Our team begins by thoroughly inspecting your basement to identify any existing or potential sources of water infiltration. We examine the walls, floors, windows, and other areas to determine the extent of the problem and develop a tailored solution.
  2. Customized Waterproofing Solutions: Every basement is unique, and we understand that different situations require different approaches. Our experts will design a customized waterproofing plan based on the specific needs of your basement. This may involve a combination of techniques such as interior or exterior waterproofing, installation of drainage systems, sump pump installation, or waterproof coatings.
  3. Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises experienced professionals specializing in basement waterproofing. They have the expertise and knowledge to handle various waterproofing challenges and implement the most effective solutions for your situation. They stay updated with industry practices and use advanced equipment and techniques.
  4. High-Quality Materials: We prioritize using high-quality materials designed to withstand water pressure and provide long-lasting protection. Whether waterproofing membranes, sealants, drainage systems, or other products, we ensure that only top-grade materials are used for your basement waterproofing project.
  5. Timely and Efficient Service: We understand the urgency of addressing basement water issues to prevent further damage. Our team is committed to providing timely and efficient service, ensuring your basement is protected immediately. We work diligently to complete the waterproofing project within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Contact Bluebird CFW for Basement Waterproofing in Gaylord, MI

You can rely on our expertise and dedication to protecting your property from water damage. We take pride in providing reliable solutions to keep your basement dry, safe, and free from moisture-related issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an inspection and discuss your basement waterproofing needs. Also don’t forget to ask about our other services such as foundation repair, crawlspace waterproofing and seawall repair in Gaylord, MI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interior basement waterproofing is the process of adding or replacing an interior drain tile along the footer of the home/building which will direct any water to the sump pump to be removed from the home.

The cost starts from $5000 and goes up from there. The price is based on the total square feet we need to waterproof across the area.

We will jackhammer the floor approximately 1 foot away from the wall depending on the width of the footer, trench out the debris, and pitch the trench towards the sump basin. Then we install a weed barrier followed by the waterproofing system. 6a round stone is then placed around the waterproofing system. The vapor barrier is placed over the stone and the waterproofing system and covered with concrete. Any water in the waterproofing system is directed to the sump pump and evacuated from the home/building

We use a Hepa-Vac during any jackhammering to decrease any dust. We place plastic over all items in the work area for protection. In addition, we also remove plastic from the work area if we need to isolate any dust to a certain area. We also place a floor/carpet protector over any flooring we will walk over while performing our work.

Signs you need basement waterproofing include a white line along the basement wall or on the floor (efflorescence), moisture noted in the basement, wet wall, and puddles of water on the floor that are not coming from any plumbing/etc above. A plumber will need to evaluate water from above a pipe. Water coming over the top of the wall is most likely due to poor grading outside of the home or grading that comes above the foundation wall (this can be evaluated and fixed by a landscaping company).

If you are a handy person you can certainly try to waterproof your basement, but we do not recommend it. We use an engineered product that is specifically designed for basement waterproofing. Small mistakes can make the product ineffective such as poor positioning, and not accounting for a proper pitch to the sump pump (the water will stay stagnant in the pipe/channel). Undermining the footer can cause foundation damage. Also, improper cutting of the concrete may allow water to come up through the seam of the concrete.

Causes of basement leaks include cracks in the wall, gutter discharge not directed away from the home, improper grading, no gutters on the home, living in a high water table (around lakes/rivers), and neighbor’s drainage directed towards the home (ie, you live at the base of a hill and all the drainage from above is directed toward your home/building).

A flood/natural disaster is not covered under our warranty. The only steps you can take to help remove any water quickly is to have a functioning interior/exterior drain tile and sump pump. This may not be enough in all cases such as an actual flood/natural disaster.

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