Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation repairs can be a scary expense for homeowners since there are so many unknowns involved. The truth of the matter is that foundation repair really does not have to be scary! In fact, foundation repair cost can be very affordable and save your family thousands in the long run.

If you suspect you may have foundation problems such as cracks in the foundation, windows or doors sticking, siding pulling away from the house, etc. contact us for a free inspection and repair estimate near you!


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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

There are many different factors that go into getting you a price to repair your foundation so there is no way to give a “ballpark” price over the phone. Some of the factors that can play into what your price is are:

  • Amount of area that needs to be repaired.
  • Depth of bedrock to make a proper repair.
  • Type of foundation a structure has.
  • Areas of the structure that need to be supported
  • and so much more..

We highly recommend a free inspection and quote to get you an accurate price. As we’ve mentioned earlier house foundation repair cost affordable than most people realize and the earlier you get your foundation repair, the lesser expense.

Looking For Foundation Repair Financing?

We work closely with a couple of different lenders depending on our customer’s needs to ensure the proper repairs are not only made but that they are also affordable! Depending on your situation, if you need financing these are the lenders we typically refer customers to.

  • Low, fixed interest rates. These rates are easily available to anyone with good credit.
  • Unsecured. You don’t have to put up your house as collateral.
  • Keeps your home equity intact. Reducing home equity takes away future options.
  • No headaches. After all your hard work and planning, you’ve earned a quick, hassle-free loan experience, and you get a response within minutes.
    Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Finance amounts of $1,000 to $10,000
  • Full-service website for customer account reference and online payment
  • Auto-pay options
  • No fees for early payoff

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW that shows how our Helical piering foundation repairs can save you THOUSANDS then contact us for a FREE estimate to repair your foundation today!

Repair Your Foundation Right The First Time

As with most home repairs, there is an investment involved when repairing your foundation. While these repairs will save you thousands in the future in repairing other damage that is caused by foundation problems, they still have a cost.

​Since you are spending your hard-earned money on repairs it is key to always be sure home repairs are completed properly the first time. The last thing you want to do is try to save a couple of dollars on a cheaper repair only to find out the repair doesn’t hold up, the company is no longer around to support it, and you now have to spend more money once again to fix the problem all over again.

​As a RamJack certified installer, we have years of experience and tons of engineering knowledge backing our solutions which ensures you get the best repair possible the first time!

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