Do Foundation Companies Offer Financing for Repairs?

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Do Foundation Companies Offer Financing for Repairs?

When it comes to major repairs to residential homes or commercial businesses, there are almost always two questions that are universally asked by all property owners. Those questions are:

  1. Can it be repaired or does it need to be replaced?
  2. How much will it cost?

The answer to both is usually some form of, “It depends.” But without a doubt, the number one thing driving a decision to repair or replace an issue with a property is the total cost to get the work done.

The next major question is typically, “Does it have to be paid all at once or can it be financed?”

Although all foundation repair companies will gladly accept the total payment for the work all at once, we at Bluebird CFW understand that the cost for major property repair work can be higher than most expect. We also understand a lot of people don’t have the ability to pay the total cost all at once.

And unlike a lot of foundation companies, Bluebird CFW offers a financing avenue to ensure you get the foundation work you need done without worrying about how and how soon it needs to be paid. It also provides an avenue to make sure the work you need gets done without delay, leading to more costly work down the road.

Repair Financing and Bluebird CFW

Our team at Bluebird CFW works closely with several different lenders depending on the location of the property and the scope of the job. The lender we choose to work with also depends on your needs. The main point is to ensure your property receives the proper repairs but also that they end up being affordable for you. If you need financing, we’ll be sure to refer you to a lender we have experience with.

What you can expect from our financing process:

  • Low, fixed interest rates. These rates are easily available to anyone with good credit.
  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Finance amounts from $1000 to $55,000 (actual amount depends on work estimate and lender’s terms)
  • No fees or penalties for early loan payoff
  • Auto-payment options
  • Full-service website for customer online payment and account support
  • Apply online, through the financer’s app, or by phone
  • Receive a decision in minutes without any hassle

Types of financing include a 12-month same-as-cash loan with a loan fee charged by Bluebird CFW, or a traditional installment loan with low monthly payments and no fee charged by us.

What you won’t have to do:

  • You won’t have to put up your house as collateral
  • You won’t have to use your home equity, keeping it intact for future options
  • No headaches, only a quick decision

What We Help Finance

Our financing options aren’t limited to only foundation repairs. We do our best to make sure all the services we offer are covered with a financing option for any whose situation could benefit from it. Those services include:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Seawall Repair
  • Crawlspace Waterproofing and Encapsulation
  • Egress Window Installation

Repair Your Foundation and Waterproof Right The First Time

When it comes to residential or commercial property, if repairs are involved, there will always be a cost. If those repairs are related to the foundation, those costs should be thought of more as an investment to protect against future damage. Whatever the case, though, the cost of the necessary repairs shouldn’t be a barrier to getting the required work down right the first time so that foundation problems aren’t an issue again in the future.

Another way to think about it is the fact you’re spending your well-earned money. It’s always better to pay for the work once and have it done professionally the first time than have to pay for rework on the same problem because you wanted to save a couple of dollars. Yes, the repair may be cheaper at the moment, but so may the quality of work be as well.

If your financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay for the cost of repairs out of pocket, there are financing options available. Let Bluebird CFW help you get the financing you need so that your property gets the repairs it needs. This way, you can rest easy knowing you and your investment are protected for years to come.

Your Foundation and Waterproofing Professionals

For over 20 years, our professionals have helped countless homeowners and businesses save thousands in repair costs by fixing critical foundation leaks before the damage was able to multiply or become catastrophic. These repairs and our waterproofing services gave those spaces back to their owners along with peace of mind knowing the work was done right and with first-time quality.

Contact a Bluebird CFW expert today to help with any questions! We look forward to helping you!

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