Common Foundation Repair Methods

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Common Foundation Repair Methods

Damage to foundations can occur for several reasons, including expansion and contraction due to shifts in weather, drainage issues around the foundation, and shifting soils based on climate and erosion. Once one or several of these things affect your foundation, you can end up dealing with cracks, water intrusion, and structure problems, only to name a few.

If you’re dealing with a potential need for foundation repairs, you might be wondering what kind of foundation you have if you’re unsure, what common foundation repair methods are out there? After all, foundation problems are serious, and you should know what needs to be done to protect your investment.

That being said, even though we can tell you what types of foundations there are and the common repair methods used, there is no clear way to provide a potential cost until a Bluebird CFW foundation consultant comes and takes a look. This is why we highly recommend taking advantage of our free inspection.

Types of Foundations

Before getting to the types of foundation repair methods, let’s look at the different types of foundations we normally work with. There are a handful of common foundations used for residential properties. Those foundations are:

  • Basement Foundations. This is one of the most common foundations that Bluebird CFW provides repair services for in Eastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio. It has a subterranean space at least eight feet deep to provide potential living space. It is made up of foundation walls constructed of concrete. The foundation walls are erected on concrete beams that run the entire perimeter of the basement. Those beams are usually poured on concrete footers. The concrete footers run the entire perimeter and are sunk at least 12 inches below the frost line. Lastly, a concrete floor is poured within the walls. If this all sounds complex with a lot of concrete, it is why basement foundations can be some of the most expensive ones to repair.
  • Crawlspace with Concrete Footings. This type of foundation comprises short foundation walls built on concrete footers that allow enough space to crawl underneath the building. This type of foundation is less expensive to repair than a basement foundation. However, it is elevated and more exposed to mold and mildew due to moisture that can collect within the space. As a result, cracks and leaks are common, along with problems related to mold and mildew.
  • Pier and Beam Foundation. Also known as “pier and pile” foundations, the pier and beam type is the best foundation to use in areas where soil shifts regularly. This makes it ideal for coastal regions or areas where erosion is a constant concern. Like ocean piers, the design relies on driving long posts into the ground, well below the soil line, to solid strata. This eliminates most of the concern of shifting soil while also adequately supporting the heavy weight of the building.
  • Concrete Slab Foundation. Concrete slab foundations are some of the most common foundations you’ll find nationwide, especially in areas that don’t have concerns about the ground freezing or can’t have basements due to low elevations, rainfall, and flooding concerns. They are exactly as their name implies, acting as a giant footer for the structure with concrete reinforced beams.

Types of Foundation Repair

When we provide you with our free inspection, we’ll not only determine the type of foundation you have but also the scope and severity of the repairs that need to be done. Although foundations are easy to identify, the repair can be complex, requiring professionals with the right training and products to appropriately affect the repairs. Bluebird CFW offers the solutions and experience to fix even the most unique foundation problems.

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Slab Foundation Repair
  • Settling (Sinking) Foundation Repair
  • Pier and Beam Support
  • Wood Pile Support
  • Column Installation
  • Building Lifting and Raising
  • Slab Lift and Repair
  • Soil Injection
  • Retaining Wall and Seawall Repair

These are most but not all of the services we can provide for any necessary foundation work you may need. Our professionals are on the cutting edge of foundation repair and are ready to provide the appropriate repair method your foundation deserves. Once they examine your foundation type and the scope of repairs needed, they’ll make the appropriate recommendation on which method will best suit your foundation.

Don’t Delay

If you suspect an issue with your foundation, contact us for a free inspection and price quote to get a specific, tailored plan that will show how Bluebird CFW will return your home’s foundational integrity to where it should be.

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