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Nestled along the stunning shores of Lake Huron, Cheboygan is a breathtaking coastal area filled with lush greenery, beautiful marinas, and abundant aquatic life. As a community in Cheboygan, MI, we, Bluebird CFW, take pride in preserving this natural beauty by repairing seawalls. Seawall shields the shoreline from erosion and safeguards our picturesque landscape, home, and other properties. So to ensure the safety and beauty of our coastal town, we maintain and protect the seawalls with our seawall repair in Cheboygan, MI.

Causes of Seawall Damage and Its Effects on Coastal Areas & Properties

At Bluebird CFW, we take our commitment to the shoreline protection of Cheboygan seriously. We have a collective 20+ experience in repairing a seawall, and we utilize high-quality materials.

Here are some causes of seawall damage–

  • Natural Wear and Tear: Too much exposure to water and weather conditions like storms can cause seawall deterioration.
  • Rising Water Levels: Increasing water levels due to climate change also intensifies stress on your seawall, which causes cracks, leaning walls, and other damages.
  • Material Failure: Premature failure of a seawall is due to low-quality materials or incorrect installation.

Seawall damage has extreme effects on coastal areas & properties.

  • Increased Erosion: Damaged seawalls allow more water to reach the shore, which washes away sand and soil. It further endangers nearby properties.
  • Decreased Property Value: A poorly maintained seawall brings down the market value of your property.
  • Safety Hazards: A failing seawall signifies instability of the shoreline. Hence, seawall damage puts residents, pets, and local wildlife at risk.
  • Loss of Aesthetics: Damaged seawalls also spoil the picturesque view and negatively impact the beauty of our coastal community.

That’s why you need professionals for seawall inspection in Cheboygan, MI. If you try to DIY fix your seawall with cement mixes, then it can further damage your property. So, Bluebird CFW is your professional seawall repair service provider in Cheboygan, MI. We carry out specialized repairs and save your properties.

Signs of Seawall Damage

From our experience, these are signs of seawall damage that needs immediate repair–

  • There are sunken spots in your yard near the seawall.
  • Small holes next to the seawall. These small holes often get overlooked as they look like an animal dug them.
  • Cracks or chips on the top of the seawall cap.
  • Leaning seawall.
  • Different soil or sand colors form at the seawall seam’s base.

If you suspect your seawalls need a repair, then contact Bluebird CFW. Our professionals are right here in Cheboygan, MI, to help you. They are licensed and insured and can examine your property to offer seawall repair solutions under your budget!

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Assessment and Evaluation For Seawall Repair

Ignoring seawall damage has severe consequences, so professional assessment is important for seawall repair. At Bluebird CFW, we systematically use industry-standard assessment methods. Our assessment process allows us to identify the root cause of the seawall problem, which will be our base for a customized and long-lasting seawall solution.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Our professionals begin by discussing your concerns and gathering essential information about the seawall, such as age, materials, and previous repair work.

Step 2: Comprehensive Inspection

Our experienced team then physically inspects your seawall by searching for visible signs of damage like cracks, misalignments, or water seepage.

Step 3: Detailed Analysis

After inspecting, we begin with a detailed analysis using advanced tools. We evaluate the condition of your seawall and identify underlying issues.

Step 4: Customized Repair Plan

Based on our findings, we develop a tailored repair plan to accurately identify the damage, strengthen your seawall, and safeguard your property.

We use techniques and tools for evaluating seawall conditions, such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to detect the seawall structure, diving inspections to identify signs of deterioration, and coring to examine the seawall’s health.

Seawall Repair Methods

We, Bluebird CFW, pride ourselves on our extensive methods of seawall stabilization in Cheboygan, MI.

  • Concrete repair techniques for seawalls: Our experts employ advanced concrete repair techniques such as Polyurethane and Resin sealants and PRT (Pressure Release Technology).
  • Erosion control measures: We install erosion control measures like geo-textile fabric, turf reinforcement mats, and vegetative coverings.
  • Riprap installation: We also use a unique riprap technique to protect the shore from storms, waves, and erosion. Riprap is a combination of large rocks and engineered materials used to stabilize the shoreline.

With our seawall repair expertise and customer satisfaction commitment, you can trust us to safeguard your properties for 20 to 40 years.

Maintenance and Long-Term Care of Seawalls 

Seawall maintenance matters as it protects your property relentlessly from waves, storms, and soil erosion. However, you need to do certain things from your end to ensure the seawall’s longevity. If you ignore its maintenance, it will cause more damage or even loss of your property, and let’s not even discuss the cost of the repairs afterward.

Tip 1: Always schedule routine inspections to identify wear and tear signs, like cracks, shifts, or erosion. These inspections will help detect the problems early, leading to cost-effective repairs.

Tip 2: Always clean the seawall. You should throw out debris, algae, and other vegetation that can cause damage over time.

Tip 3: Always apply sealant or repair any crack or peeling sealant on the seawall to prevent water infiltration.

Tip 5: Inspect the erosions behind the seawall. If you observe anything, call a professional.

Tip 6: Manage what you grow around the seawall as the roots of vegetation penetrate the soil causing soil erosion.

Schedule Seawall Repair Services in Cheboygan, MI

Trust Bluebird CFW for professional services for the long-term maintenance of seawalls. We specialize in seawall inspection, erosion control solutions, seawall repair, customizing maintenance plans, and giving expert advice for ongoing care.

Protect the beautiful shores of Cheboygan and your property from erosion and damage with our top-notch seawall repair in Cheboygan, MI. Call Bluebird CFW now and schedule an appointment! Additional we also offer various services such as: foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and crawl space waterproofing in Cheboygan, MI!

Frequently Asked Questions

A seawall is a wall or embankment erected to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land.

A seawall can be made of wood, steel, or concrete.

A seawall is used to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land.

Seawall repairs include crack repair, injection to control soil erosion, earth anchors (for a seawall tipping towards the water), and injection ports to control water (hydrostatic pressure) behind the sea wall.

Soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall, poorly constructed seawall, and ice can all cause seawall damage.

SW-RP1 Seawall Repair Material repairs leaking cracks in the seawall. Stabilizes surrounding soil. Permanently strengthens and repairs soil damage. Prevents future erosion. Stronger than crystalline bedrock. Safe for the environment.

It automatically removes any future water that builds up behind the seawall. Unchecked water build-up causes hydrostatic pressure which cracks and damages even the strongest seawalls. Employ high-strength epoxy and concrete repair materials. This process restores strength and integrity to the structure.

When needed, steel tie-backs are installed to prevent future movement of the seawall in high-risk sections. The tie-backs lock into load-bearing solid soil behind the wall.

Maintainance is crucial to preventing seawall damage. If you see any issues arise, it’s best to contact a professional and correct the problem before it magnifies.

In order to mitigate the damage and costs associated with repairs, it’s best to correct any issues immediately. Waiting to repair a seawall can multiply the damage to the seawall and increase repair costs.

Contact us today for a free estimate and inspection.

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