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Brighton, Michigan is one of the most fun places to visit and to live! Located on the crest of the South Ore Creek, and near Brighton Lake and Woodland Lake, there are many homeowners in this city that enjoy the breathtaking views of the serene water.

However, as business owners and homeowners, it’s important to protect your property with the help of seawall repair services in Brighton, MI! At Bluebird CFW, we can help protect the integrity of your property by offering high-quality repair services.

Importance for Seawall Repairs in Brighton, MI

The seawall that surrounds your home plays an important role in protecting your property against water damage, flooding, and erosion. Once this seawall becomes damaged, it’s vital to stabilize and fill in all cracks and leaks with tough sealants.

At Bluebird CFW, we know how critical it is to repair your seawall as soon as possible, which is why we’ve used our years of experience and tools to help residents in Michigan repair their seawall before it needs to be replaced.

How To Check For Seawall Damage

It’s important to check for any damage to your seawall in order to initiate repairs right away. Some very obvious signs of damage to your seawall include sinkholes forming near the edge of your seawall.

  • Cracks in the seawall that cause water to leak in to your property are also a sign that your seawall needs extensive repairs.
  • Water leaking into your property through cracks or missing parts of a wall can cause flooding in your home, as well as continue to erode away parts of your seawall and property.

Other problems that could signal damage to your seawall include voids and soil erosion near the edge of your seawall. These voids appear as holes in the ground or missing pieces of soil that look similar to man-made walking paths. Voids and soil erosion cannot simply be filled and must be taken care of by a professional at Bluebird CFW.

Yet another sign that your seawall is damaged is the presence of horizontal cracks right below the seawall cap. The seawall cap is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, preventing water from seeping into the wall and causing structural damage. These cracks can be seen from a distance, so pay close attention next time you’re out on the water looking toward your property.

Seawall Cap Repair

Seawall cap repair is fixing any damage to the seawall cap to ensure it continues to function effectively. Seawall cap repair involves thoroughly inspecting the structure, identifying any damage, and repairing it to restore its structural integrity.

Professional seawall cap repair services use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the repair is carried out safely and efficiently, preventing further damage to the seawall or the surrounding environment.

Seawall Repair Services by Bluebird CFW

If you notice any of these signs of damage, reach out to Bluebird CFW to get help with your repairs! We can provide:

  • Sealing of your cracks and sinkholes: We want to get to the root of the problem that is causing your seawall to develop cracks. To repair the integrity of your wall, it’s necessary to use tough sealants, such as polyurethane sealant or resin. Our experts have knowledge in seawall repairs and the best tools to use for the job.
  • Pressure release technology: Just like humans build up pressure when eating too much food, your seawall also builds up pressure due to an influx of water that sits behind the wall, leading to voids and cracks. Our pressure release technology will provide an environmentally-friendly method to get rid of water behind your seawall and prevent future pressure from building up.

Why Get Professional Help in Brighton?

seawall repair

You might want to simply fill in voids with dirt or cement mixes on your property. However, this does not address the underlying issue of your seawall, leading to wasted resources and further damage to your property. With the help of Bluebird CFW, you can get professional help to initiate repairs and save money in the long run.

Seawall Inspection

Bluebird CFW provides experts that can look for cracks in your seawall, voids, and other issues that indicate the need for repair.

We recommend homeowners conduct a seawall inspection once every five years to be on the safe side. However, you can also call us if you notice any signs of deterioration and problems with your seawall, which can include:

  • Cracks in the seawall
  • Cracks in the top concrete cap of the seawall
  • Missing soil
  • Corrosion to your seawall
  • Upland settlement
  • Voids
  • Soil erosion
  • Puddles of water near your seawall edge

If you notice any of these signs, we’ll send a technician to your Brighton, MI home right away to conduct an inspection and repairs.

Seawall Stabilization

We also use helical pliers to help stabilize and support your seawall. This is an excellent tool for both newer and older seawalls that need help in order to stand sturdy against the rough waters of surrounding lakes. In addition, we can use injections and tough sealants to help get rid of cracks and extend the life of your seawall.

Through seawall stabilization, we can help reinforce your wall so future cracks and soil erosion do not occur, and so that it can stand up to rough conditions for years to come.

Get the Best Seawall Repair in Brighton, MI

At Bluebird CFW, we’re on a mission to help the community of Brighton, MI, and the surrounding areas get the help they need to repair their seawall and protect their homes. Call us today for a consultation or an appointment!

Also, don’t forget to ask about our additional services: foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space waterproofing and egress window installation in Brighton, MI!

Frequently Asked Questions

A seawall is a strong concrete structure that safeguards your property against erosion and storm-related floods. It has a vertical construction and is parallel to the shore. A seawall often covers a major stretch of the shoreline at urban beaches. The term ‘seawall’ is widely used when referring to various shoreline barriers like revetments.

Generally, a seawall has a sloping shape that can be either stepped or curved. It is massive, and we can build it into a rubble mound, wooden, or block structure, according to preference. With its substantial sizing, a seawall can endure strong wave activity.

We build seawalls to protect your land and property from strong wave activity and prevent coastal erosion. For maximum protection, seawalls are parallel to the shore where the beach and the mainland converge. Hence, their main purpose is to safeguard the inner harbors against the effects of tides and waves.

A seawall repair is the process of fixing damages on your seawall and restoring it to its original condition. With erosion, flood, and other unavoidable calamities, damages like cracks and gaps occur in the seawall. To help keep your seawall strong and functional, we at Bluebird CFW fix these issues with anchors and pressure release technology.

Various factors can cause damage to the seawall in Brighton. These include wave action, erosion, storms, tidal forces, corrosion, and the age of seawall. Other than that, some human activities like poor construction, modification to the structure, or lack of maintenance can damage the seawalls.

To repair seawall (concrete) damage, inspect the seawall thoroughly. Then, for chips or cracks, use concrete patching material. Furthermore, implement effective drainage systems, and manage coastal vegetation to avoid seawall damage. However, it’s better to call professionals from Bluebird CFW for extensive repairs if the seawall has been severely damaged or collapsed.

Unchecked water accumulation results in hydrostatic pressure, which damages and cracks the strongest seawalls. And to prevent this from happening, we perform hydrostatic pressure control. It minimizes the stress behind a seawall and prevents damage from excessive groundwater forces.

A seawall anchoring system is a technique that anchors the seawall to the ground and stops the sea from eroding your land and encroaching into residential areas. Some of its examples are tieback systems, sheet pile walls, and concrete footings. It brings stability and prevents the seawall from shifting or collapsing.

One popular and most common way to stop coastal erosion is by constructing groins (long wall-like structures). At Bluebird CFW, we extend groins into the water perpendicular to the shoreline as they deter longshore currents.

As a team of skilled and highly trained professionals in Brighton, we can evaluate the damage, offer appropriate repair solutions, and carry out the required repairs. Our extensive repairs include using PRT (Pressure Release Technology) to stop water, putting hydraulic pressure on the seawall, rip rap installation to protect the shoreline, and more! Moreover, with our repairs, our prime focus is to ensure the stability and longevity of the seawall.

There are several ways to fix seawall erosion. However, at Bluebird CFW, our process to fix soil erosion involves installing 6 to 12 inches or 6 to 18 inches (diameter) riprap in the shoreline. The steeper the shoreline is, the larger we install the riprap. This method imposes minimal disturbance to the property. Additionally, after installation, we put suitable drainage systems in place to reroute water flow.

A seawall can last between 20 and 50 years if properly maintained. If not, you can expect to repair it within 20 years. To increase the lifespan of the seawalls, we perform routine inspections so that we will be able to detect minor repairs early.

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