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Basements can be incredibly beneficial, as they offer extra storage space, a safe haven from dangerous weather, and so much more.

Of course, basements aren’t perfect, especially when it comes to water damage. This is because they are beneath the ground. Humidity also frequently plagues basements. Leaking pipes or foundations are common, causing severe damage that can be expensive to repair.

Unlike your kitchen or living room, you might not go downstairs to your basement every day. That is why it is important to set aside time every once in a while to inspect for water damage.

Basement waterproofing is the best solution for protecting your basement from water damage. The experienced team at Bluebird has quality, affordable Birch Ranch basement waterproofing services to help you.

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Reasons for Basement Waterproofing

Most people think of basement waterproofing as a way to prevent mildew and mold from growing. This is one benefit (which we will detail more below), but there are many others as well, including:

  • Prevent Basement Flooding – Basement flooding is a severe problem that you don’t want to encounter. It can damage carpet, drywall, and furniture. It will also create that infamous mold and mildew that is so difficult to get rid of. Waterproofing seals foundation cracks. Doing this, in combination with installing a sump pump and drainage system, is the absolute best way to prevent basement flooding.
  • Healthier Home Environment – Excess moisture or water in your basement creates the prime environment for mold and mildew. Mold is damaging to your property, but it also has health consequences. Mold is harmful to those with asthma and allergies, and it also can cause breathing issues and respiratory infections. By reducing moisture levels and preventing flooding, basement waterproofing helps prevent mold and keep your indoor air healthier.
  • More Efficient Cooling and Heating – Extra moisture in the air forces your HVAC system to work harder when heating or cooling your home. This alone can bump up your energy bills by up to 15% per year! Basement waterproofing helps control the humidity in your home, thus keeping your heating and cooling bills down.
  • Prepare for Renovations – Before starting any basement remodels, you should cover all your bases. The best way to do this is to get your basement waterproofed. Completing a renovation before waterproofing puts the entire project at risk. Imagine finally creating a usable living space in your basement just to have to rip it out and repair it due to water damage. Basement waterproofing will help seal your basement and prime it for any renovations.

Bluebird Birch Ranch Waterproofing

Professional waterproofing will keep moisture and water out of your basement to prevent water damage and keep it structurally sound. Bluebird has the tools and experience you need to protect your basement with waterproofing. With over 60 years of combined experience, we have the expertise to get the job done right and efficiently.

Our team will assess your basement and determine the best waterproofing strategy to keep it dry for years to come! Contact us today to learn more and get your free quote! Outside of basement waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and crawlspace waterproofing throughout Birch Run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Interior basement waterproofing is the process of adding or replacing an interior drain tile along the footer of the home/building which will direct any water to the sump pump to be removed from the home.

The cost starts from $5000 and goes up from there. The price is based on the total square feet we need to waterproof across the area.

We will jackhammer the floor approximately 1 foot away from the wall depending on the width of the footer, trench out the debris, and pitch the trench towards the sump basin. Then we install a weed barrier followed by the waterproofing system. 6a round stone is then placed around the waterproofing system. The vapor barrier is placed over the stone and the waterproofing system and covered with concrete. Any water in the waterproofing system is directed to the sump pump and evacuated from the home/building

We use a Hepa-Vac during any jackhammering to decrease any dust. We place plastic over all items in the work area for protection. In addition, we also remove plastic from the work area if we need to isolate any dust to a certain area. We also place a floor/carpet protector over any flooring we will walk over while performing our work.

Signs you need basement waterproofing include a white line along the basement wall or on the floor (efflorescence), moisture noted in the basement, wet wall, and puddles of water on the floor that are not coming from any plumbing/etc above. A plumber will need to evaluate water from above a pipe. Water coming over the top of the wall is most likely due to poor grading outside of the home or grading that comes above the foundation wall (this can be evaluated and fixed by a landscaping company).

If you are a handy person you can certainly try to waterproof your basement, but we do not recommend it. We use an engineered product that is specifically designed for basement waterproofing. Small mistakes can make the product ineffective such as poor positioning, and not accounting for a proper pitch to the sump pump (the water will stay stagnant in the pipe/channel). Undermining the footer can cause foundation damage. Also, improper cutting of the concrete may allow water to come up through the seam of the concrete.

Causes of basement leaks include cracks in the wall, gutter discharge not directed away from the home, improper grading, no gutters on the home, living in a high water table (around lakes/rivers), and neighbor’s drainage directed towards the home (ie, you live at the base of a hill and all the drainage from above is directed toward your home/building).

A flood/natural disaster is not covered under our warranty. The only steps you can take to help remove any water quickly is to have a functioning interior/exterior drain tile and sump pump. This may not be enough in all cases such as an actual flood/natural disaster.

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