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Water is an incredible resource, one that all life depends upon. But just because water is amazing does not mean that you want it in your Ann Arbor basement. When water gets through cracks in your basement, it is not just a small annoyance that might leave behind a musty smell. If this water is left alone, it can cause expensive damage and even promote the growth of mold and mildew.

Even if you do not venture down into your basement very often, you can likely acknowledge that it has many uses. You probably store seasonal goods in it and hunker down in its shadows when there are warnings of storms.

Bluebird Foundation Repair & Waterproofing offers basement waterproofing in Ann Arbor, MI to preserve your properties structure and longevity. However, before you do that, we would like to educate you on why waterproofing your basement matters so much:

waterproofing process

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing definitely keeps mold and mildew out of your basement, but what else does it do? Here are just a few of the key benefits of basement waterproofing:

  • Affordable Insurance – By the time you notice the damage, you may have to make an insurance claim to fix it. Preventing water damage prevents the need for insurance claims, which helps keep your rates affordable. Instead, you can spend that money on making your basement a special place.
  • Prep for Remodeling – Speaking of sprucing up your basement, waterproofing is a great step toward preparing for that. Waterproofing seals your basement, providing a dry base for your renovation. Once you complete your remodel, you won’t have to worry about water getting in and undoing your progress.
  • Air Quality – When mold and mildew are given the chance to take up residence in your basement, your air quality will suffer, which can in turn hurt your family’s health. This is especially true if they are prone to allergies or suffer from asthma. Waterproofing safeguards your basement from water, which in turn ensures that mold has nowhere to grow.
  • Preserve Property Value – When you waterproof your basement, you are not just putting your own mind to ease. You are also ensuring that any future residents of your home won’t have to worry about pesky water damage or pests––or paying to have them removed.

Consequences of Water Damage

Water damage in Ann Arbor, MI, is no stranger to the damaging effects of water as heavy rains, floods, and storms have caused significant water damage to properties in the area.

Water damage can have devastating consequences for both residential and commercial properties. It can cause structural damage, leading to weakened foundations, walls, and ceilings.

Additionally, it can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth, posing significant health risks to inhabitants. Water damage can also damage electrical systems, appliances, and furniture, resulting in costly repairs and replacements.

In extreme cases, water damage can even lead to total property loss and displacement of occupants. Therefore, it’s essential to promptly address any signs of water damage to minimize the potential harm and costs associated with it.

Bluebird’s Basement Waterproofing in Ann Arbor, MI

Now that you understand why basement waterproofing is so important, you might be tempted to take care of the job on your own. But you may wonder: how hard can it be?

But not so fast. At Bluebird, we have the experience to handle these water issues safely, as we have been encountering them for over 20 years now. We also have the tools and equipment to do a thorough job. If you do the job improperly, you might simply be costing yourself more should you ever have to correct your errors.

When you call us, we will come out and take a look all throughout your basement. Once we’re done, we’ll give you a quote that takes into account all the work we will have to do, and we’ll make sure you understand exactly what every dollar is going toward. Once you give us the thumbs up, we’ll embark on our waterproofing adventure, and we won’t stop until we are done.

Want to give us a try? We can’t wait to help! Call us today to get your quote. Outside of basement waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and crawlspace waterproofing throughout Ann Arbor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basement waterproofing is the process of proofing the basement from water seepage through different techniques and materials. Different techniques/methods prevent water intrusions in the basement of a structure, like sealing interior basement walls or cracks with epoxy or polyurethane and installing interior or exterior drainage systems like sump pumps with trench drains. These methods help waterproof the basement wall and divert the water away from the basement.

Basement waterproofing in Ann Arbor can cost from $5000 (including labor and material charges per project) and more, depending on the size of the basement. The cost can vary depending on the total square feet that needs waterproofing. Those who need minor repairs for their basement might spend around $600 to $1,000 per project. Remember, waterproofing your basement will help you save extra expenses by protecting your basement from further water damage like mold growth, wall rot, wall crack, etc.

To waterproof the basement–

  • Jackhammer the floor 1 foot away from the basement wall (exterior). 
  • Next, trench out the debris and pitch it towards the sump basin. 
  • Install a weed barrier and a waterproofing system after. 
  • Place a 6a round stone on the waterproofing system. 
  • Cover the waterproofing system with concrete and cover the stone with a vapor barrier. 
  • If water gets left in the waterproofing system, the sump pump will extract it and direct it away from the building.

After installing the interior drainage system, the measures taken to clean up the basement are – 

  • Removing debris in the area
  • Cleaning the walls and floors after debris removal
  • Drying the cleaned area, patching and repairing the site, and restoration
  • Sanitizing the basement after the cleanup to eradicate any bacteria and contaminants accumulated during installation

If you start noticing moisture in the basement that is making your basement damp, it could be a major sign that you need basement waterproofing. Other common signs that indicate that your basement needs waterproofing are a white line across the basement wall and floor, also known as efflorescence, wet walls inside the basement, and puddles of water on the floor.

No, we do not recommend performing your basement waterproofing yourself. Basement waterproofing is a complex task and requires different specialized tools and equipment. Bluebird CFW Foundation Repair & Waterproofing provides the best basement waterproofing services and has the latest equipment. We offer commercial and residential basement waterproofing services to assess and address related problems.

Some causes of basement leaks are poor grading, gutter discharge without proper disposal method, no gutters in the home, poor drain and sump pump, and cracks and leaks in the foundation. When your basement starts leaking, there is a higher chance of condensation, which can further result in mold growth and bad odor.

You can install a French drain and sump pump in your Ann Arbor home to protect your basement from flooding. Other methods like grading around the foundation and sealing your foundation also help to protect your basement from flooding. Additionally, clean your gutters and check your landscaping so that overgrown plants and shrubs may not affect your foundation and basement.

Interior sealants are known to be the best for waterproofing methods as they prevent the basement from high atmospheric humidity. It helps the moisture stay in control and not seep into cracks and get trapped inside our basement. By using an interior sealant, you can block any entry points of cracks and water seepage.

The most affordable way to keep your basement dry in Ann Arbor is– dehumidifier! A dehumidifier helps prevent moisture from getting built up inside the basement. However, you can also opt for cheaper alternatives, such as keeping desiccant plants, a ventilation system, baking soda, or a fan so your basement remains dry.

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