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Alpena is surrounded by the beautiful waters of Thunder Bay and Lake Besser. This is a quiet town that’s home to roughly 10,000 people, with many of them in awe of the beauty of the surrounding harbor and the landscape. For homeowners that own waterfront property Bluebird CFW can conduct seawall repairs in Alpena, MI and inspections to existing seawalls! These seawalls are essential to protect properties in the area from the inclement weather and rough waters of the surrounding bay. It’s important to maintain the integrity of your Seawall, and Bluebird CFW can help.

Why Get Seawall Repair Services in Alpena, Michigan?

If you’ve lived near the water or have seen waterfront properties before, you might have run across a seawall surrounding the very exterior edge of a property. This seawall is designed to protect the home, and even smaller and larger boat docks, from becoming damaged due to the surrounding water.

Water can quickly erode the soil that sits at the foundation of a property. All of this can cause damage to the home, as well as your seawall. That’s why Bluebird CFW offers seawall repair services that can help protect your home in case of disaster.

It’s also important to note that not all companies, such as construction companies or contractors, are trained in repairing these highly specialized seawalls. We at Bluebird CFW have dedicated our business to helping repair seawalls, making us one of the best options to repair the seawall in your home and restore your peace of mind.

Seawall Inspection & Repair Methods at Bluebird

Like all other structures involving engineering, seawalls are quite complex and involve many different components. From the concrete wall panels themselves to the filter fabric that lines the seawall, any issues in these components can quickly lead to damage in the seawall. Age and regular wear and tear can also cause seawalls to fail, as can improper installation of a seawall.

Fortunately, we at Bluebird CFW can help inspect your seawall and conduct repairs if necessary. We’ll check your seawall for any signs of damage, which can include visible cracks, soil erosion near your property, and voids near the edge of your seawall. We’ll also make sure to walk the entire perimeter of your property and take note of any issues, big or small, that might pose a threat to your home.

If our experts find any issues that need to be repaired, we can offer high-quality seawall repair in Alpena, MI that can tackle the root of your seawall failure, instead of simply masking the problem using inferior concrete or fillers. We can help repair your seawall by:

  • Using tough sealants: Bluebird CFW uses only high-quality materials such as polyurethane sealant or resin instead of cement. Many companies might use this as a filler, knowing that it will never be able to withstand inclement weather or the test of time.
  • Pressure release technology: When water builds up in the back of your seawall, this can lead to structural damage due to pressure. We will fill any voids in the Earth behind your seawall and add channels that can help alleviate pressure in your seawall. This ensures no future cracks or structural damage will develop, even well after your repairs are done.

Why Get Professional Help for your Alpena, MI Home?

seawall repair

It’s important to get help to repair your seawall as soon as you notice signs of damage. Leaving repairs to the last minute might only lead to more damage that can cost thousands of dollars. Repairing your seawall sooner ensures that any repairs remain non-invasive and minimal, so you don’t have to interrupt your everyday life simply to address these repairs.

Seawall Inspection

In addition to conducting repairs, our experts will also help conduct inspection on your seawall, which can catch any potential issues before they pose a threat to the integrity of your seawalls. We can conduct repairs once every five years in accordance with building guidelines. However, if you notice any signs of deterioration, or there has recently been a surge of rough seas and bad weather, we can send an expert to take a look at your seawall.

Our inspectors will make sure to check your seawall for damage and recommend repairs for:

  • Cracks
  • Pools of water near the edge wall
  • Soil Erosion
  • Voids
  • Leaning or bowing walls
  • Cracks at the cap of the seawall

Seawall Stabilization

We also use helical pliers made of high-quality metal to help stabilize and support your seawall. Helical pliers can be useful during the construction process of your seawall as well. Helical pliers and marine anchors, as well as fillers to the exterior of your seawall, can ensure it remains stable.

Schedule Seawall Repair Consultation in Alpena, MI

If you’re noticing signs of deterioration or instability in your seawall, don’t hesitate to call one of our experts! Call us today to schedule an appointment for seawall repair in Alpena, MI and inspection services at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

A seawall is a robust concrete structure that acts as a barrier to the sea. It helps to maintain the safety of your home against inclement weather and rough waters. It protects smaller and larger boat docks from storm tides and other water-related disasters.

Normally, seawalls can have a sloping shape, either stepped or curved. They are enormous and can be built into any structure – rubble mound, wooden, or block. The most common form is designed to withstand severe wave surges and action.

Seawalls help safeguard your waterfront property and land against water damage like floods and erosions. They are built parallel to the shore to prevent the soil from sliding, while offering protection to  your property from powerful waves and storm tides.

A seawall repair is the process of fixing any issues that your seawall may have. It includes repairing problems like broken caps, rust stains, slab gaps, leaning walls, settling soil, and holes around the seawall. At Bluebird CFW, we fix these issues using touch sealants, earth anchors, and pressure release technology.

The following reasons cause seawall damage:

  • Improper installation and faulty design
  • Regular wear and tear with age
  • Drain clogging
  • Weep holes
  • Soil shifting
  • Hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall
  • Poor maintenance

At Bluebird CFW in Alpena, we repair your seawall damage by replacing wall parts, filling in cracks with high-quality polyurethane sealant or resin, filling voids behind the walls, and adding channels to reduce the pressure in the walls. Whatever the damage is, our professional seawall repair will ensure no future damage inside your property.

A hydrostatic pressure control prevents any future buildup of water behind the seawall. Stagnant water behind the seawall causes hydrostatic pressure, which results in cracks and damage in the wall. By preventing future water buildup, hydrostatic pressure control also prevents seawall impairment.

A seawall anchoring system is a system used to keep seawalls firmly in their place and prevent them from being damaged. It includes the installation of piles or anchors in the ground beneath the seawall. With such an anchoring system, the force of the water is distributed against the seawall, avoiding any collapse.

You can prevent seawall damage through proper maintenance. Ensure that you add reinforcements against increased water pressure and harsh weather conditions. When installing the seawall in the first place, make sure that you follow proper landscaping practices.

At Bluebird CFW in Alpena, MI, we conduct repairs and inspections of existing seawalls. We offer high-quality seawall repair services by getting to the root of your seawall failure. We incorporate high-quality materials and pressure-release technology so that your seawall can withstand the test of time. If you’re looking for an expert seawall repair service, feel free to get a free estimate and inspection.

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