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Water often finds a way into many areas of your home, even areas that you might not immediately expect.

While homeowners spend plenty of time treating their basements to make sure they’re waterproofed, crawlspaces are often ignored, which is unfortunate. The fact of the matter is, crawlspaces need to be waterproofed if you want to preserve your home’s foundation and keep water from getting in.

But what are crawlspaces and why do they need to be waterproofed?

Read on to look at some of these questions and see what Bluebird can offer you.

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Why Crawlspace Waterproofing is Crucial

A crawlspace is an unoccupied, unfinished, often narrow space between the ground and the first floor of your home. The crawlspace is designed to provide better airflow within the home while also providing access to electrical, plumbing, and pipes that require repair.

A lot of homeowners are intimidated by their crawlspace because of its tightness and limited mobility. That’s no reason to ignore these areas, though, as crawlspaces can very easily flood.

Once water gets into your crawlspace, you’ll be dealing with a whole host of issues that you don’t want. Let’s go over a few here:

  • Mold – Moisture that sits in an enclosed space almost always leads to mold. Your crawlspace is no different. We talked earlier about how crawlspace facilitates proper airflow in your home. If moisture causes mold to start growing in the crawlspace, there are plenty of health hazards associated with unclean air being transferred in your home.
  • Wood Rot – Fungus and other organisms are attracted to wood, and they can certainly take over your crawlspace if you aren’t careful. Fungus and other microorganisms perpetuate rotting wood by feeding off it. This deeply damages the wood and makes it more brittle Rot compromises your home’s foundation and can lead to other interior issues like cracked walls and uneven floors.
  • Pests – Moldy, moisture-ridden crawlspaces can attract some unwanted visitors to your home. The longer you ignore waterproofing your crawlspace, the more time critters have to invade this seldom visited part of your home.

What Bluebird Offers

Does all of this sound a little concerning? No worries – Bluebird is here to offer all Adrian residents a reliable solution.

While other contractors source sub crews to do their waterproofing work, Bluebird’s waterproofing teams are all in-house. This translates to more reliable work and we never compromise quality over costs.

We’ll check out your home and see what needs to be accomplished. After providing a reliable quote, we’ll efficiently and effectively take care of any waterproofing needs. Here are two common projects we handle:


By now, you know that too much moisture can create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and other unwanted invaders. But it’s not just humidity that you have to worry about. If it gets too cold, your pipes can freeze. Leaving your crawlspace exposed to the brutal Adrian winters causes this.


When you get your crawlspace encapsulated, you will no longer have to fear heavy storms, as the material we use will keep it out. That means you won’t have to worry about those dreadful floods either.

While the costs of crawlspace waterproofing can vary from home to home, we promise that we never cut corners. The scope of your crawlspace’s issues could raise or lower your end costs, but we guarantee reliable service no matter what we have to do.

Contact Bluebird Today

Don’t neglect your crawlspace any longer than you have to. Adrian residents can call Bluebird to find a waterproofing solution that’s right for their budgets and their homes today. Outside of crawlspace waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and basement waterproofing throughout Adrian.

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