Crawl spaces are often overlooked because most people are never in them. Even people that tend to be more home improvement savvy tend to neglect to watch their crawl space. It's because of this that it is often overlooked as a problem source when dealing with issues. A wet crawl space is a very common place to find mold growth. It also more easily causes damage to structures since the moisture in a crawl space is much closer to the floor joists which can lead to rotting of the wood, mold growth other places in the home, and moisture problems throughout someones home. Waterproofing is a key component in combating potential issues and keeping your home and family safe.



Crawl Space Leaking - Crawl Space Waterp


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A Sign Of Things To Come

Cracks in your crawl space walls, when small, are a sign that something is going on with your foundation. Settling may have occurred, tree roots may be putting additional pressure on the walls, water problems, etc.  The fact is its not a good sign and should be checked out immediately.


When cracks in your foundation and crawl space start to open up and become larger it can lead to other problems like more water getting under your home, animals like mice, rats, and others getting in, and a whole slew of other problems. If you have cracks developing in your foundation and want a professional to take a look and give you an idea of what is happening and how to correct the problem please get in touch with us.


We can give you the best waterproofing options to save you money over the cost of a full foundation replacement while still preventing water problems. Waterproofing your crawl space now could mean the difference between smaller expenses now versus large expenses later.

Waterproofing Now To Save Later

Waterproofing a leaking foundation wall or entire crawl space now will save you a lot of money in the future.


Fixing damaged crawl spaces can prevent issues with rotting floor joists, mold, electrical problems caused by rodents chewing on wires, frozen pipes due to winter air blowing on pipes, and more.


Contact us and have our expert waterproofers walk you through what needs to be done to resolve the problems with your crawl space or foundation saving you thousands in the years to come.


If left unresolved these types of problems can become very costly. It is definitely worth exploring what it takes to resolve your problems now rather than as an afterthought later.




Below is just a handful of before and after pictures from our crawl space waterproofing jobs here in Michigan. You can also always follow us on Facebook to see what is going on right now, past projects we've worked on, news, and other updates!

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