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Jackson, Michigan is a city as beautiful as it is serene. Surrounded by Gilletts Lake, Center Lake, and several nearby streams and rivers, this is a city in Michigan that has it all! From breathtaking views to an increasing population, it’s no wonder, Jackson, MI has a small, local population of around 31,000 residents. If you live in Jackson, MI, or own a property here, you might want to invest in waterfront property. Before you do so, you’ll need to consider seawall repair in Jackson, MI that can help protect your property against flooding, erosion, and costly seawall replacements and installation costs.

Seawall Repairs are Important for a Property?

Seawalls are critical pieces of infrastructure that allow your property, whether commercial or private, to stay protected against the powerful erosion potential of the surrounding water. Seawalls play an important role in helping protect your property, but they are also vulnerable and susceptible to damage over time.

As this damage is left unaddressed, it becomes more and more difficult to fully repair your seawall, leading to costly replacements. Fortunately, we at Bluebird CFW can help repair your seawall in Jackson, MI with our expert technicians, years of experience in foundation and seawall repairs, and our dedication to using only the best materials and techniques for seawall repairs.

Why is it Crucial To Repair Seawalls?

Although seawalls are well-designed and are built to last for years, this does not mean they are indestructible. Seawalls, like any other major engineering marvel, are prone to damage from wear and tear, inclement weather, rough waters, and even structural defects when it is first installed in your property. It’s important to recognize the signs that your seawall needs repair.

For instance, if you notice voids, also known as gaps, in the soil behind your seawall, this means there is a crack somewhere creating pressure and causing sinkholes around your property. In addition, flood waters that are now creeping into your front yard (or surrounding areas) will also indicate there are major issues with your seawall.

Take a look at the top caps of your seawall and the outer wall that sits facing the water. If you notice horizontal cracks in any of these areas, or the concrete top caps in your seawall are coming apart, this also indicates that your seawall is in need of repairs. If you notice these signs, call us at Bluebird CFW to address your damaged seawall in Jackson, MI. We can help initiate repairs including:

Sealing of seawall cracks: At Bluebird CW, we use high-quality sealants to fully seal and repair cracks, including polyurethane sealant or resin.

Pressure release technology: As pressure builds up on the backside of your seawall, this leads to cracks and structural damage. Bluebird CFW uses pressure release technology, which reinforces your seawall and controls the release of hydrostatic pressure effectively. Not only does this fix current cracks, but it also prevents future cracks from forming.

How Do You Repair Erosion Behind Seawall?

Seawalls are designed to protect shorelines from the damaging effects of waves and tides. Still, over time, erosion can occur behind the seawall, leading to soil loss and weakening the wall.

If erosion is left unchecked, it can compromise the structural integrity of the seawall and lead to its collapse. Repairing erosion behind the seawall involves various techniques, including installing drainage systems and retaining walls to hold back the soil.

A prompt repair can prevent further damage and prolong the life of the seawall. It is essential to address erosion behind a seawall quickly to avoid costly seawall repairs and ensure the safety of the surrounding area. Shoreline property owners should seek the services of professionals to assess and repair any erosion damage behind their seawalls.

Why Get Professional Help for Seawall Repair In Jackson, MI?

seawall repair

Many other companies that claim to know how to repair seawalls use inferior products like cement, seashells, and other fillers to “fix” cracks. In reality, this does nothing besides delay repairs, lead to costly damage, and put your property in constant danger of being damaged due to future cracks and failing of your seawall.

Seawall Inspection

Seawalls must be inspected at least once every five years. However, we are available to help inspect your seawall after poor weather conditions or if you notice signs of cracking, voids, and flooding around your seawall. During the seawall inspection, our technicians will provide expert care in checking for signs of damage and alerting you to future repairs. These issues include:

  • Cracks in the seawall
  • Cracks in the top concrete cap of the seawall
  • Voids or sink holes near the seawall, behind the wall
  • Upland settlement
  • Walls that lean or bow into one side
  • Corrosion to your seawall

Seawall Stabilization

During repairs and during the installation process, you might need stabilization which we can provide through helical marine anchors placed around your seawall.

The best way to stabilize your seawall and ensure your seawall does not have more cracks and voids is to fill any cracks with high-quality sealants, inspect your wall thoroughly for underlying issues such as damage or corrosion, and initiate repairs right away.

Hire The Best Seawall Repair Company In Jackson, MI

Bluebird CFW uses high-end technology and the best technicians on hand to repair your seawall and keep your home safe. We know seawalls are not perfect, but we’ll do everything we can to reinforce them right away so they continue to protect your property for years to come. Call us today to schedule an appointment for seawall repair in Jackson, MI and inspection services!

We also offer additional services such as foundation repair, basement waterproofingcrawl space waterproofing, and egress window installation in Jackson, MI!

Frequently Asked Questions

A seawall is a wall or embankment erected to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land.

A seawall can be made of wood, steel, or concrete.

A seawall is used to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land.

Seawall repairs include crack repair, injection to control soil erosion, earth anchors (for a seawall tipping towards the water), and injection ports to control water (hydrostatic pressure) behind the sea wall.

Soil erosion, hydrostatic pressure behind the seawall, poorly constructed seawall, and ice can all cause seawall damage.

SW-RP1 Seawall Repair Material repairs leaking cracks in the seawall. Stabilizes surrounding soil. Permanently strengthens and repairs soil damage. Prevents future erosion. Stronger than crystalline bedrock. Safe for the environment.

It automatically removes any future water that builds up behind the seawall. Unchecked water build-up causes hydrostatic pressure which cracks and damages even the strongest seawalls. Employ high-strength epoxy and concrete repair materials. This process restores strength and integrity to the structure.

When needed, steel tie-backs are installed to prevent future movement of the seawall in high-risk sections. The tie-backs lock into load-bearing solid soil behind the wall.

Maintainance is crucial to preventing seawall damage. If you see any issues arise, it’s best to contact a professional and correct the problem before it magnifies.

In order to mitigate the damage and costs associated with repairs, it’s best to correct any issues immediately. Waiting to repair a seawall can multiply the damage to the seawall and increase repair costs.

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