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Crawlspaces are common in Chelsea homes, but many homeowners understandably overlook them. They might store things there but not look beyond the darkness for any signs of damage.

Nonetheless, waterproofing a crawlspace is just as important as waterproofing a basement. Extra moisture and water in the crawlspace can lead to foundation damage and serious issues throughout your home.

Bluebird has the crawlspace waterproofing expertise you need. Our dedicated team provides high-quality waterproofing services for any project, no matter how big or small.

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Advantages of Crawlspace Waterproofing

Much like a basement, the crawlspace is an unfinished area beneath the first level of your home. However, a crawlspace is a much tighter space. The purpose of the crawlspace is to keep air flowing unrestricted through your home. It also is where you will find your plumbing and electrical equipment.

Most homeowners do not enter the crawlspace until they have a reason to––for example maintenance or repair. Even so, homeowners should take a moment to check the crawlspace every so often to ensure that no water has gotten through any cracks. Crawlspaces that are not waterproofed are at high risk for flooding and moisture problems.

Excess moisture and water in the crawlspace can lead to expensive damage. Mold will grow where there is water. The moisture itself, as well as the pests that moisture attracts, can damage your foundation and cause wood rot.

Some other important reasons to get crawlspace waterproofing include:

  • Maintain Your Home’s Value – Water damage in and around the crawlspace will tank the value of your home. Furthermore, water in the crawlspace leads to mold, which future homebuyers also want to avoid. Waterproofing helps to preserve the condition of your crawlspace and to prevent water damage that would otherwise hurt the value of your home.
  • Reduce Electrical Hazards – The crawlspace offers access to electrical components. Water and electricity do not get along. By waterproofing your crawlspace, you can prevent many electrical hazards.
  • Preserve Structural Integrity – Moisture and water damage the wood around your foundation. Wood rot and foundation damage make your foundation, and the entire home, less structurally sound. Keeping water out with waterproofing will help preserve the structural integrity of your home.

How We Will Waterproof Your Crawlspace

Crawlspace waterproofing may sound complicated, but we can easily break it down, and we will do that just here. We offer two waterproofing methods in particular: insulation and encapsulation.


No one likes a drafty home, frozen pipes, or damp, cold crawlspaces. Insulation helps remedy all of these problems, thanks to the power of spray foam. That foam fills in any vulnerable areas in the crawlspace to keep any wind or rain from sneaking through.


Encapsulation is the go-to option to any homeowner with frequent flooding issues in the crawlspace. During the encapsulation process, we seal the entire crawlspace with durable materials that keep all water out.

Bluebird Chelsea Crawlspace Waterproofing

Don’t neglect your crawlspace any longer! It’s crucial to keep water from entering your crawlspace, and crawlspace is the best way to do this.

For all of your Chelsea crawlspace waterproofing needs, Bluebird is here to help. Our reliable team has over 20 years of combined experience helping Michigan property owners waterproof their crawlspaces and basements. We are committed to quality service, and you can count on us to get the job done right.

Our waterproofing experts begin by assessing your crawlspace. We then provide you with an honest quote and explanation of the service. Then, we get to work protecting your property with Chelsea crawlspace waterproofing. To learn more about our crawlspace waterproofing services and to schedule your consultation, contact Bluebird today. Outside of crawlspace waterproofing, we also offer foundation repair and basement waterproofing throughout Chelsea.

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